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The Challenges

Data volumes continue to grow and this represents both a challenge and an opportunity for your organization. The complexity of determining when on-premise systems, versus the use of an off-site data center, or if the organization can utilize new IT models such as infrastructure-as-a service (Iaas).

Today's networks and compute systems are very powerful, compared to systems just a few years old, but more horsepower has not necessarily translated into benefits for the organization.

IT management needs a clear view of their environment, while considering new financial models that deliver IT services in new and promising ways that can impact the overall cost of operations.

The Ardera Approach

We are data-driven.

As the data represents the \"blood\" that flows into and within your organization, we tend to start there.

We can give you insight into your current data storage; how much is working data, versus how much is stale. By removing the guesswork about how you are actually using your storage, you get a better feel for what may be required to move your organization forward without the extra expense of purchasing storage that you do not need.

Once the understanding exists about how much data exists, where it needs to reside for actionable work and the anticipated growth moving forward have been summarized, creating compute systems that address this data set, sized to meet the organizations\' desired outcome becomes more straight forward.


Storage Solutions

Plan, and procure storage that resides where needed most, with the considerations of performance and cost implemented to deliver the most benefit to the organization.

Systems Compute Solutions

Big data, Small data, or anything in between. Database, Video repository, or application consolidation, Ardera will work with you to select and deploy the right-sized compute solution for your needs.

Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Sized, integrated and tested to deliver an optimized operational cost model, today\'s Converged Infrastructure solutions consolidate the network, storage, server and overall management into a set of productized platforms. Ardera will help you select, implement and manage the converged platform that is right-sized for your environment.

System Solutions

Storage Solutions

Systems Compute Solutions

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions

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