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“Fast block storage that just runs”. This is the simple descriptor for NetApp E-Series storage, and we at Harwood have worked with it since its creation. We work with all NetApp platforms, but have a special place in our hearts for E-Series. Our team has helped many customers, around the globe, deploy NetApp E-Series systems, and remains a resource to ensure these systems continue to meet their needs. We provide replacement batteries for E-series systems (Link to battery), E-series replacement parts (link to replacement parts), and upgrades that allow many of these systems to continue to remain in service much longer than other storage systems. The E-Series product is a sub-set of the much broader NetApp portfolio of storage software and hardware systems which today represent the industry’s best way to manage data, securely, and stored where it needs to be to achieve the greatest value to an organization. E-Series is often found as the back end to high performance environments like databases, file systems, or object storage, powering demanding applications such as Video Management or Artificial Intelligence. View the specific product we service and support, below.

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