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Harwood International | Data Driven - Customer Focused

Harwood International Corporation really found our niche some time ago, working in a business to business manner. We set out on the journey in 1976 and our guiding principles have earned us the trust and respect of our many partners and customers alike. There's a reason why some of the top global technology providers in the world work with us. Agile and trustworthy, Harwood International has a proven record of providing unmatched white-labled experiences for our partners. We’re guys behind the scenes. The problem solvers and solution finders. With your company’s best interests in mind, we’re ready to act on your behalf whenever and wherever you need us.

Over the years, we’ve built a diverse business that reflects our marketplace. Whether assisting OEM companies with professional field services or providing programs to ensure continued availability of system parts and components, our custom approach to each project has allowed us to grow our business, arm in arm, with several global technology companies. We are a hands-on group, with a staff of technically minded IT professionals.


We take our talents to the field through agreements that permit our team to deliver services to clients all over the globe. On any given day, you may find our team dispersed to any state within the US, or in another country, helping customers from disparate industries work with data. In fact, we’ve worked with companies in more than 90 different countries.

Services include:

  • Deploying a file system, like BeeGFS, to drive discovery and innovation

  • Deploying Hyper-Converged platform to guarantee quality of service

  • Developing pathways to leverage the cloud to deploy resources and manage data securely

  • Deploy object storage to provide follow the sun availability of your data

We look forward to partnering with you to optimize and evolve your operations.

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