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About Us

Harwood International | Data Driven – Customer Focused

Our Beginnings

Since our founding in 1976, we’ve made the commitment to provide our customers with the highest quality products through avenues that best fit their needs. Through our years of experience and industry relationships formed, we have the ability to provide our clients with the latest and greatest technology. We do this while remaining mindful of the need to get the most from existing system(s) and investment, for our customers.
Our experience has permitted us to travel globally and work with both large and small organizations. These partnerships continually give us exposure to and perspective on requirements within specific industry segments such as, manufacturing and health-care as well as the ability to work with technology concentrations which can be used in various cases such as, HPC or SAN/NAS.

Who We Are?

Harwood International is an team of individuals from different backgrounds and locations who share a passion for technology and customer service.  With an average employee tenure of thirteen years, we consider ourselves somewhat counter to today’s movement towards big box stores, impersonal service and the “sell-and-forget” mentality.  We understand that it is the customer who ensures our success. That is why we invest ourselves in your well being.
We are engineers, sales people, and system architects who like talking shop -- real people who answer phones, schedule shipments and process RMA’s. Our highest priority is making sure you have access to resources, human or otherwise, you may need.


Our Solutions

Data storage solutions is a foundational element of our services. Coupled with our ability to provide a broad range of products and assistance through many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, at Harwood, we help our clients construct the best solution ranging from SMB to the Enterprise Space. 
Customer needs can be as simple as a new component, such as a firewall, or printer, or may be as complex as establishing a cloud strategy to manage growing storage or application needs.  Each requirement comes with its own learning curve for things like operation and compatibility. This is where we come in. Our team meets the challenges faced by both the providers, and users of technology. We install, train and provide support for the growing number of options that exist today. 
By definition, a solution is an appropriate response to a problem or need, and at Harwood we have built our reputation by demonstrating the consistent ability to deliver and maintain technology environments while nurturing friendly relationships with our customers.


Our Mission

As a strategic partner of companies such as Intel, SGI, Dot Hill, Winchester Systems, NetApp and other industry leaders, we are empowered to achieve what we believe is a shared goal; to help organizations leverage technology, for the purpose of increasing efficiency, effectiveness, profitability, and overall success of their enterprise.
We provide products, services, and technical guidance to ensure organizations have an adequate IT infrastructure to support and grow their ability to gather, use, and manage data.