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Harwood International provides services & solutions, in conjunction with our vendor partners, to help our clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

In business since 1976, Harwood International has built a reputation for providing both an objective perspective, and consistently solid services that permits our customers to get the most out of their IT investment.

With a deep pool of experience and knowledge, Harwood can provide assistance to clients in areas such as:

Environmental Assessment

Do you need to understand the impact of adding a certain system, or component to your existing environment?  Our team is trained to review the issues that can ensure a trouble free system change.

Newer compute and storage systems are more dense and require heating and cooling systems that can support them.  We can assist you to ensure that your facilities are ready for today’s systems.

Technical Assessment

Clients who may be considering a new hpc computing platform may wish to run code on a system to gauge the success of a particular architecture.

Flash memory can increase the performance of applications, or legacy storage systems dramatically.  The use of a tool such as the LSI Nytro Predictor Tool, permits a client to visualize the performance impact, without the front end investment in the technology.  Harwood is trained to interpret the data accumulated from use of the tool and provide meaningful feedback, helping to ensure that investments in this technology provide the greatest benefit.

Installation Services

We can configure systems in our facility, or at your location, then provide basic installation so that these tested systems are integrated and ready for production.

Proper Disposal of Old Computer Systems

The need to protect our environment from the hazardous waste associated with the disposal of electronics, such as legacy computer systems, requires that these systems be disposed of in an intelligent and lawful manner.  Harwood partners with other companies who specialize in electronics disposal services for customers, both large and small, who can provide the documentation necessary to ensure that these items will not pose a threat to future generations.

Legacy Support

Many systems, due to their nature of storing legacy data, or because the applications are legacy, require support for their hardware components well beyond their normal manufacturer life-cycles.  Harwood can provide hardware support, in conjunction with many of our technology partners to ensure that these systems remain viable and operational for many years.