Harwood International provides services & solutions, in conjunction with our vendor partners, to help our clients achieve their desired business outcomes.

What We Do

We provide world-class services for your clients in industries including global banking, government, commercial enterprises, healthcare, transportation, higher education, biotech sciences, insurance and more. With specialized training in specific products and software certifications, our skilled team of IT professionals are available for deployment whenever and wherever you need us.

Solutions that Work  Data security and management is now ubiquitous, as every organization is using either a cloud enabled application like Office365 or wants to investigate leveraging the cloud to deploy elastic workloads, or simply securely store data. Understanding and finding solutions to create, process, track and store data takes time, but you have a business to run. Here’s a look at how Harwood can help:

On Site Professional Services

  • Professional Field Engineers - For a day, a week or longer, our staff has assisted customers who need help in various ways including: to stand up and environment, data movement projects, or even provide onsite or remote management of their environment.
  • Installation Services - Whether delivering for an OEM, or a customer who needs additional capabilities, Harwood schedules, and deploys professionals with experience in systems, and administration for solutions that reside on premise, in the cloud, or somewhere in between.
Data Movement Services

Performed onsite or remotely, our team can ensure that data gets where it is intended, securely, with the policies in place to ensure that this continues to be the case, after we depart.

User Training

System Type or Subject Matter specific, our team provides customer knowledge transfers when setting up systems, helping to ensure that customers have a superior experience when accepting technology changes into their environments.

System Integration
  • Integration Center for System Configuration and Test - Question. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you could setup, configure and test new equipment, or capabilities without having to jam this exercise into the limited space of your current data center? If security related site access is a concern or trying to free up staff to handle the physical work associated with these roll outs, we can help. The Harwood Integration facility can provide onsite, or remote access for your team to work out the issues which always seem to be a part of new deployments. We can permit vendors, partners, or your team to work directly and securely where they can try different configuration settings, before delivery to your site. Oh, and we can handle that part too. We can break down. Label, and transport the system to your location, then set it back up in the manner of its final configuration that was achieved during the test stage, helping you to smooth out the process for new system deployment.
  • Design and Delivery of HPC file systems used for AI and Machine Learning - We work with some great partners too! When considering the power of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or other capabilities powered by large parallel file systems, you need to know that you have a provider that understands the file system choices, and can help you size and deploy it properly, and then support you after the sale. Harwood partners with System Fabric Works, based near Austin Texas. This organization is very well known in the HPC world as file system experts. Partnering with SFW, allows us to combine the strength of both organizations to better support customers with high-performance file systems. If you are considering HPC, we should talk.
Hardware Support
  • E-Series System Support - If you are considering storage or are currently running E-Series and want to learn about your options to continue to support these great systems, we should speak. Click here to learn more about the specific systems we service and replace. (Link to NetApp E-Series page)
  • Replacement Batteries - Use our battery finder tool or call our team to identify and order replacement batteries for your system. (Link to replacement batteries page)
  • Spare Parts - We keep a regular inventory of power supplies, fans, and more, in stock. Browse our available selections.

A True Custom Approach for Your Industry

Regardless of your specific needs, Harwood International is a preferred partner ready to implement the necessary security, intelligent infrastructure and applications to propel your business or institution forward.

We’ve helped OEMs deliver solutions for their customers that enable them to provide a superior customer experience by ensuring accessibility to professional technical field engineers able to respond to floating customer schedules.

We’ve crafted creative solutions for organizations with limited space and staff, successfully deploying new systems featuring the configuration, compatibility, and performance to meet their unique needs.

Our world-class IT services can meet the demands of your business or institution. From advanced IT system configurations and secure cloud storage, to system optimization and training, here are some of the industries we serve throughout 50 countries across the globe:

  • Biotechnology

  • Finance

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Higher Education

  • Hospitality

  • Oil and Gas

  • Retail

  • Transportation

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